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(Video) Florida University Students Put Their ‘Liberal’ Education On Display By Booing Betsy DeVos

What happened to civility? When did being rude and disrespectful become okay?

Florida universityPerhaps we can start by asking the Bethune-Cookman University graduating students who on Wednesday, showered Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos with disrespect during their graduation ceremony.

DeVos, who was the commencement speaker, reportedly endured catcalls, booing and watching students turn their backs on her during her 20 minute speech.

At one point, university President Edison Jackson threatened to “send your diplomas in the mail” if the noise didn’t stop.

While obvious by the students’ behavior that they didn’t want DeVos to speak at their graduation, clearly there was a more “mature” way to handle the discord?

DeVos said in her speech:

“As I said, I’m grateful to be with you today. While we will undoubtedly disagree, let us do so respectfully, and let us hear each other out.”

Perhaps learning how to “agree to disagree, agreeably” is not a course taught at this university or at least, not a class that all graduates attended.

Apparently, the students weren’t the only ones who didn’t welcome DeVos at their graduation ceremony.

When it was announced by the historically black university on May 1 that DeVos would be the speaker, reportedly, the NAACP, the National Federation of Teachers and Florida Education Association immediately voiced outrage, calling her an “enemy of public education, a champion of school choice, favors using tax dollars to pay for kids to attend religious, private schools and is ignorant about the origins of historically black colleges and universities.”

There was even an online petition calling for the university to disinvite her and for the university president and the Board Chairman to resign.

What happened to the “let’s have a discussion so we can all learn about one another and grow in our understanding” speak?

Oh, that’s right. That’s talk from the past. Not today.

Apparently, many of the university graduates and those in the groups opposing DeVos, intend to hold her words and their interpretation of her words against her permanently.

The reason for not wanting her to speak at their graduation centered around a statement she made earlier in the year.

DeVos said in February, while referring to historically black colleges and universities:

“HBCUs are real pioneers when it comes to school choice. They are living proof that when more options are provided to students, they are afforded greater access and greater quality.”

Critics quickly pointed out to DeVos that because of segregation, racism and Jim Crow, black colleges didn’t have a “choice.”

To his credit, Jackson defended the invitation to DeVos by saying:

“It’s important to understand that people will disagree, but that does not mean that you roll over and play dead because you disagree.  This is a good day for us. Can you imagine how many institutions would love to have the secretary of education, the highest educational officer in the land, to be their commencement speaker and hopefully open new doors for this institution?”

So much for tolerance from those on the left!


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