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(Video) McCain: GOP Healthcare Bill, ‘Probably Going to be Dead’

Acting like the “Maxine Waters” of the Republican Party, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. took to the air waves on Sunday to speak with CBS’s “Face the Nation” about the GOP healthcare bill.

Channeling his best impression of Waters who denigrates President Trump and the Republican Party every time she gets in front of the camera, McCain picked up where Waters left off.

McCain was quick to tell the CBS host that the GOP’s health care bill was most likely going to fail.

McCain said:

“My view is it’s probably going to be dead.”

Although the U.S. Senate GOP recently produced a 142 page document that describes their healthcare proposal, they still have not taken a vote on it because it appears it’s not supported by many Republicans who are advocating for a “repeal and replace” of the failed Obamacare plan.

What is McCain’s solution? Nothing that should be surprising to most at this point.

McCain wants to “reach across the aisle” as he is famous for saying or is that “infamous” and include both parties in the deliberation of the healthcare bill and consider any amendments put forth by Democrat.

McCain said:

“Introduce a bill. Bring it to the floor. Vote on it. That’s the normal process, and if you shut out the adversary or the opposite party, you’re going to end up the same way Obamacare did when they rammed it through with 60 votes. Only guess what? We don’t have 60 votes.”

Always the “optimist” (not) and one you can count on to champion the cause for Democrats, McCain does admit that he could be wrong.

McCain said, with a slight chuckle:

“I’ve been wrong. I thought I’d be president of the United States.”

And seemingly, just like many Democrats who can’t accept that they lost, McCain may be bitter over the fact that he doesn’t control the current healthcare narrative.

What the Republican Party needs to do is completely repeal Obamacare and replace it. That is step one. Obamacare is failing and soon even those who praise it as the “sacred” plan for healthcare will have to accept the truth that it must be replaced.

Secondly, allow Americans to purchase insurance across state lines in order to find the best and most cost-effective plan for their family.

Third, exclude illegal immigrants from receiving coverage under the new healthcare bill.

Fourth, insure the small percentage of Americans that can’t afford insurance under a different plan. This will allow them to receive coverage through government subsidies.

I’m not a proponent of government subsidies, however, because it smacks of socialism. However, since the government has provided this type of benefit since 2010, it would be nearly impossible to change it now.

Fifth, guarantee that pre-existing conditions are covered in individual insurance plans.

And finally, reduce the government’s presence in the healthcare industry, allow the free market system to work and whatever you do, keep the Democrats out of it.

We don’t need any more Obamacare-like taxes in the new healthcare bill that the Democrats will surely insist upon.

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