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(Video) Men, Elizabeth Warren Says You May Never Be President in the White House Again

elizabeth warrenSen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. seems to still be trying to come to grips with her Party’s loss of the White House to President Donald Trump.

Warren, who supported Hillary Clinton, recently spoke at the EMILY’s List gala in Washington, D.C..

Sounding a lot like Congresswoman Maxine Waters, D-Calif. who speaks often of impeaching Trump, Warren told the crowd that there was a limitless amount of “bad news” coming out of the White House.

It appears that Warren may have been trying to set the stage for the next presidential election when she made some of her statements.

Her bias seemed to be directed not only at Trump but at any male who might be considering a run for the White House.

Warren told the crowd:

“The way that things are going, if the next three years and 261 days are like Donald Trump’s first 100 days, I wonder if America will ever be ready for a male president again.”

The only explanation that seems plausible for her assertion is that she may be considering a run to become the first female president since Clinton failed dismally at it.

Would Warren do any better?

Warren went on to criticize Trump and other men by stating:

“Men like Donald Trump come to power when their countries are already deep in trouble.”

Of course, Warren failed to mention that America is “deep in trouble” due to eight years of “men like Obama,” to use her terminology.

Or maybe Warren is just sticking up for her “sister” Hillary Clinton who Trump referred to during the presidential campaign as a “nasty woman.”

Warren lashed out at Trump for his statement about Clinton in October 2016 by saying:

“We nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever.”

Apparently, Warren is still being “nasty” toward Trump and future male presidential candidates.

We’ll see if she is “nasty” enough to keep the men, including Trump, out of the White House should she decide to run for president.


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1 Comment on (Video) Men, Elizabeth Warren Says You May Never Be President in the White House Again

  1. Mary Wilk // 6 May, 2017 at 5:00 am //

    The Democrats continue to become the lost, useless cause that they are and Warren is just being her nasty self. The majority of American citizens, including legal immigrants, just voted their evil, one-world, communistic government out of our government and she and her comrades just won’t accept it. Evilness never gives up without a fight. It keeps on going until it’s demolished. They will continue attempting to bring America down into an abyss by sticking to the rules for radicals by Saul Alinsky. This is why Obama is out community organizing again. But, I believe too many people have woken up to reality and each day more and more will see truth. The evil, fallen ones/elites and their one world garbage isn’t working anymore. The youth will eventually rise up and see truth too. The time of The Book of Revelation is here and they are being bound and judged for their evilness against humanity – God is in control! All Glory to God in the Highest and Peace on earth and goodwill towards mankind! The earth is the Lord’s and they that dwell therein! They and their evil world are being taken down and it’s crumbling. No matter how much the media tells us they are still in control – it’s just more “fake news”. They think they can continue telling lies long enough and we’ll believe them (only the weak minded continue this). Those days are long over – it’s not happening any more. No matter what they do, they shall not pass!

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