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(Video) President Trump Recovers Marine’s Hat, Respectfully Replaces It

This weekend, President Donald Trump proved once again why so many Americans love him. For one, his respect for the military is resolute!

On his approach to  board Marine One at Joint Base Andrews following his return to the United States from the G20 Summit, Trump noticed something was amiss.

One of the young U.S. Marine Corps service members who stands guard at the President’s entrance to the helicopter was missing his hat. It had blown off of his head due to the wind.

Many Presidents may have walked right on past the hat and avoided it. Not Trump!

In the video, Trump can be seen reaching down to retrieve the hat, walking over to the Marine and placing it securely on his head, only to have the wind blow it off once again.

Trump then pats the Marine on the shoulders and turns around to go back and retrieve the hat.

A military officer rushes ahead of Trump to get the hat and return it to the young Marine so that Trump can board the helicopter.

How refreshing is it to see a President that respects the military and can “humble” himself to pick up the hat of a Marine who is “many pay grades” below the rank of President?

It is the way it should be.

These military men and women put their lives on the line each and every day for this President and for all Americans.

It’s a far cry from how the military was treated for eight years under a former president who at times appeared to brush-off the tradition of saluting the military and  decreased military personnel instead of building a stronger military.

In a document from Trump’s Office of Management and Budget, “America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again” released earlier this year, Trump’s administration called out the former president’s strategy on the military by indicating:

“Reversing this indiscriminate neglect of the last administration is not only a fulfillment of the president’s promise, but it is also a requirement if this nation’s security is to be maintained.”

Mr. President, I salute you and thank you for being a President who treats our military with the dignity and respect they deserve.



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