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(Video) Reuters Calls Antifa ‘Peace Activists’ and Quickly Regrets It

ReutersPresident Donald Trump slammed the fake mainstream media on Tuesday during a rally in Phoenix, Arizona at the Phoenix Convention Center. He took aim at the usual suspects like CNN who typically don’t miss an opportunity to bash Trump. However, Reuters wasn’t mentioned during the rally as “fake news” or “unfair” to Trump but perhaps it should have been.

A local ABC affiliate reported that at least “four people were arrested for throwing rocks and bottles at police officers” once the event concluded. Officers responded with pepper balls, pepper spray and gas.

One protester was shot in the crotch with a pepper ball when he defiantly kicked a pepper ball in the direction of the police after he and others were ordered to leave.

Following these scenes on the streets of Phoenix, the international news agency Reuters posted the following on its Twitter page:

Pro-Trump supporters face off with peace activists during protests outside a Trump rally in Phoenix. REUTERS/Sandy Huffaker

— Reuters Top News (@Reuters) August 23, 2017

Imagine any news source calling those who commit violence “peace activists.”

Social media was swift in their response to Reuters’ outrageous statement:

Formerly with the CIA, Clare Lopez said: ‘Peace activists’ in Phoenix last night?! Or hard-left anarchist communist antifa thugs? C’mon, Reuters -you used to be better than that!

“Reuters newsroom.” Makes you wonder.

“Peace Activists???”

“Reuters is having a rough day. h/t

“More media lies: Reuters Calls Violent Antifa Rioters in Phoenix “Peace Activists”

Eventually, the fallout was so great that Reuters removed the tweet and posted a correction:

“CORRECTION: We have changed the caption of this photo, which inaccurately characterized the anti-Trump protesters as ‘peace activists'”

Reuters initial statement makes it clear that they believe groups like antifa are fighting a good cause against those who promote Trump.

You can change the tweet, Reuters but you can’t change the long lasting impact of your words and ideology on the general public.

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