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(Video) RNC the Latest to End Financial Support of Moore

The Republican National Committee made the decision on Tuesday to drop out of a joint fundraising agreement with Roy Moore’s campaign and pulled their field staffers out of the Alabama Senate race as Moore continues to deny any wrongdoing in connection with five accusers.

The RNC’s move comes on the footsteps of the National Republican Senatorial Committee who recently discontinued their financial ties with the Alabama Republican Senate candidate after the Washington Post published an article in which four women accused Moore of inappropriateness.

More recently, the latest accuser accompanied by her attorney Gloria Allred, accused Moore of sexual misconduct when she was 16.

While questionable details have surfaced regarding the credibility of some of the accusations, the American public is no closer to the truth than they were when the news first broke.

There is less than a month until the election.

The question now becomes, will Moore’s campaign survive the claims against without the financial support of the two committees?

Fox News Host Sean Hannity discussed Moore’s situation with Fox News National Strategist Sebastian Gorka and attorney Mercedes Colwin, Fox News Legal Analyst.

Hannity made the point that many in the GOP who are speaking out against Moore don’t believe in the presumption of innocence and that this should be “a little terrifying for every American.”

Gorka responded by saying:

“Absolutely, Sean. This is America. We don’t call people guilty before the evidence is in.”

Gorka then compared what’s happening to Moore with the attacks on “the President, the attacks on you (Hannity) and the attacks on me (Gorka).”

Gorka called for a wait and see approach to determine whether the claims were just “another smear attack” or real.

He commented that “this (GOP) isn’t the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s war cabinet” that disparages women for speaking out about genuine claims of sexual harassment or wrongdoing.

Gorka believes that if the allegations against Moore are proven to be true then the GOP would take the appropriate steps.

Colwin indicated that she believed Moore should not be convicted by the press and like Gorka, cautioned people to wait for the truth to come out before dropping support of Moore.

On my show, God’s Views On Political News, my co-host Bill Cloud and I discussed the legal and moral ramifications facing Moore in his Senate race due to the allegations.

What is clear to many is that the timing of the accusations and the length of time that has passed since the behaviors allegedly occurred are suspect.

While sexual allegations against Roy Moore and others are a sensitive subject, we felt that it needed to be explored.

Watch the video below for our full discussion.

Only time will tell whether Moore will be convicted in the court of public opinion or continue on as the Alabama Senate nominee in the upcoming December 12 election.





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2 Comments on (Video) RNC the Latest to End Financial Support of Moore

  1. jacqueline letellier // 15 November, 2017 at 8:01 am //

    this is why i will not donate a dime to the rnc no one has proven anything yet

  2. While the allegations against Moore may seem completely credible to some, there are a few thoughts that should be considered. This woman has said that she told a few people close to her about this at different times in her life. If true, this was so traumatic for her that she couldn’t deal with it in a positive manner. Couldn’t these people see that she was in distress and needed psycholgocal help? Couldn’t she see this about herself and get help? She’s still crying about it as if it happened today! I seriously question her truthfulness and credibility. If she’s a Republican Trump supporter, why did she hire a die-hard Democrat attorney – the very one who gave us Roe vs Wade! If a true conservative, how could she hire her! Why didn’t this woman come out during Moore’s previous political career with her story? She’s had so many opportunities. This may or may not be true, but there are so many things that must be considered, and we must wait for the professional’s opinion on whether it’s his signature on this woman’s year book. We all know that McConnell, McCain and the other’s did all they could to defeat Moore’s winning. Where was this woman then? Could this attack be the Dems and some Repub’s last effort to discredit and get rid of him???

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