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Washington State Using Your Kids to Get to Your Second Amendment Rights?

The state of Washington has put together a legislative task force to develop strategies to prevent mass shootings and interfere with your Second Amendment rights?

Police, mental health experts, school shooting survivors, the ACLU and others who make up the task force have come up with a list of recommendations they believe will help.

Washington’s “red flag laws” or Extreme Risk Protection Orders allow judges to temporarily suspend a person’s gun rights, even when no crime has been committed, if violent behavior has been shown suggesting they pose a risk to themselves or others.

Since the law was enacted in 2016, police and family members can petition the courts for a 14-day order which will take away a person’s guns.

A one-year ban can follow the original order if the court is convinced that there exists a pattern of behavior that shows the person is a risk to self or others.

The task force is seeking to expand the state’s “red flag laws” to also include minors.

At present, the law is silent as to whether minors can be subject to such emergency orders.

Prosecutors reference one particular case in the state they believe supports their argument for an extension.

The case involves a school resource officer and a minor under 18 who is facing charges for a crime. The resource officer is asking that the minor not be allowed access to weapons.

Reportedly, the minor’s father is not being cooperative with police in ensuring that the firearms are locked up in the home.

Therefore, if the order could be served on the minor, then either the guns would have to go or the minor would have to go.

Translation: Parents would have to voluntarily disarm themselves and give up their Second Amendment rights if their child is accused of a crime or risk losing their child to child protective services if they want to keep their Second Amendment rights.

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