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Wasserman Schultz Shocks CNN Host with Response About Schumer

How do you know when you lost and lost “bigly” or “big league”? When your answer is so ridiculous that it makes the host practically laugh in your face. Just ask Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) who tried to answer why Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) shutdown the government and exactly what he gained by doing so.

Schumer may never be able to live down the fact that he “surrendered” to President Donald Trump and the GOP Congress on Monday when he dropped his bid to seek “amnesty” for Dreamers in favor of ending the government shutdown (#SchumerShutdown).

Democrats were scrambling in the afternoon to put a spin on the “retreat”. It failed miserably.

Wasserman Schultz was interviewed on the Left’s favorite news station, CNN no doubt hoping that the American public would focus on her explanation and forget about what Schumer did moments earlier.

Schultz initially told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin that she was disappointed in the Democrats for striking a deal with Republicans to reopen the government.

When asked a straightforward question as to whether Schumer “caved”, Wasserman Schultz immediately began to blame Trump and the GOP for the position Democrats currently find themselves in.

Even Baldwin wasn’t buying her rambling and deflective explanation.

Baldwin interrupted Wasserman Schultz after a few moments and said, “I hear your frustrations” but this is about Schumer and once again asked if Schumer had given in to the Republicans.

As you might guess, Wasserman Schultz didn’t respond to the question but once again turned the focus back onto the GOP. She said, “Republicans need to come to the table.”

After again allowing Wasserman Schultz to blather on for a few minutes without answering the question, Baldwin said, “I have to harp back on what one thing can you point out that the Democrats, that leader Schumer, what one thing did he get from Republicans to justify shutting down the government in the first place?”

Good question, Baldwin. We’d all like to know that.

Drum roll…. wait for it….

Wasserman Schultz’s answer stunned even Baldwin who is no doubt use to hearing outlandish answers from many on the Left.

Knowing that Baldwin wasn’t about to let her slide, Wasserman Schultz finally answered, “So, so the one thing that I would say that he did get is the potential for momentum.”

Baldwin, half-laughing at the response said, “Is that really worth shutting the government down?”

Wasserman Schultz responded, “Yes!”

You almost want to feel bad for her.

Almost. But first, you have to stop laughing.


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