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What are Some of the #SignsYoureARealAdult? Twitter Tells All!

Twitter had a great trend going recently with the hashtag ‘#SignsYoureARealAdult.”

#SignsYoureARealAdultThe hashtag was initially created as a response to the clash Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) had with President Trump over talks to fund the government.

Pelosi and Schumer were so upset because they felt Trump had attacked them on Twitter that they decided to no-show for a planned meeting with the President, something they would NEVER have done to former President Obama (no matter what he did or didn’t do).

Some were left scratching their heads and asking, “These are the members of Congress who are sworn to defend the U.S. Constitution?”

They chose to run away because of their “hurt feelings” due to a tweet they didn’t like rather than do their jobs for the American public?

Thank God, literally, for our military who wouldn’t let a tweet deter them from performing their jobs.

Those on Twitter had a field day with the hashtag and it is worth sharing some of them.

“You show up to meetings with the President even though your little feelings were hurt. Liberals @chuckschumer and @NancyPelosi pouted instead so Trump displayed their empty seats. #SignsYoureARealAdult#MAGA#ThursdayThoughts

Although it may be lonely at the top, President Trump can handle most anything that comes his way!

Dash Riprock was even more practical in his tweet:

When you wake-up each day, get your A$$ out of bed, go to work, and make a difference in your family members’ lives.”

He seems to put things into perspective for many.

There was something for everyone with #SignsYoureARealAdult.

“For millennials, Mark Pantano wrote:

You can listen to a different point of view without demanding that your college provide you safe spaces and counselling. Of course, the colleges provide them, which proves that there are no adults in charge. And we keep funding this nonsense!”

Mark makes us long for the good ole days when ‘commonsense’ was still a household word.

There was even advice for socialists.

Minnesota Patriot tweeted: “You live off money you’ve earned. Not money we earned and the government gave you…

A concept that is lost today on communists, socialists and those brainwashed by liberal propaganda.

There was also a tweet for those who enjoy a voice of reason in the darkness such as a quote from Charles Barkley who said “Poor People Have Been Voting Democrat for 50 years…And They’re Still Poor.”

Red Nation Rising tweeted: “You don’t vote for Democrats

And finally, one of my personal favorites for #SignsYourAreARealAdult by Maximus Rising who tweeted:

: You voted for One of the Greatest Presidents in US History – .”

Hopefully one day, those on the Left will understand that as well. But, don’t hold your breath.


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