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‘Culture Writer’ Calls Sarah Huckabee Sanders a ‘Butch Queen’ in Act of Unprofessionalism

What is it about some on social media, those in the mainstream media and individuals on the Left (sadly even some on the Right) who feel that it’s acceptable in today’s society to disrespect others?

Take for example, a ‘culture writer’ with The Daily Beast who immediately began taking personal pot shots at White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders after her promotion was announced.

Ira Madison, III tweeted: “Butch queen first time in drags at ball.”

It would appear that Madison has put aside his recent racial slurs for LGBTQ slurs now?

You may remember Madison commented negatively about Dr. Ben Carson after he left the campaign trail and before he became the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Madison who is black tweeted:  “Ben Carson seems to suggest he’s been promised a role in a Trump administration.” Madision replied, “House or field?”

He additionally seemed to make an inappropriate homoerotic joke about Carson being sexually  drawn to President Trump.

Or you may recall his other racially motivated tweet, which he deleted after complaints, about then Sen. Jeff Sessions as he held his Asian granddaughter on his lap during his confirmation hearing.

Madison tweeted: “Sessions, sir, kindly return this Asian baby to the Toys ‘R’ Us you stole her from. Why is she a prop?”

Some on Twitter are questioning the hiring of a writer such as Madison who belittle others personally all in the name of culture?

Others unloaded their frustrations on Madison, who has now blocked people from viewing his Twitter page. Why? Because he didn’t like being disparaged?

Don’t get me wrong. Individuals who are public figures need to be critiqued for the jobs they are doing and can even have their wardrobe and makeup (both men and women) criticized as long as it is done appropriately.

However, name calling and bashing someone as though they aren’t human beings with feelings is never acceptable.

When did professional standards sink so low that it became okay to treat people as though they aren’t human with real feelings but rather  ‘punching bags’ for ‘journalists’ and others who are only trying to get clicks and viewers?

Madison wasn’t the only one to ridicule Sanders, however.

A “comedy person” as she describes herself on Twitter, tweeted: “I feel like Sarah Huckabee Sanders left and right eye switched places or something.”

Another self-described ‘comedian‘ tweeted: “I would say replacing Sean Spicer with Sarah Huckabee Sanders is like replacing Pinocchio with a Dementor but that’s offensive to Dementors.”

However, I must say it’s nice to see all of the feminists out there supporting Sanders and defending her by shouting “war on women” as they remind Madison and others like him, that they are denigrating Sanders merely because she is a successful woman.

Oh, but wait! There is only silence coming from feminists.

Perhaps Sanders wasn’t helped because she wasn’t wearing a “pink kitty cat hat” from the latest march.

We used to remind our children to have manners. We taught them that if they said something to hurt another’s feelings that they should remember it could be their own mother, father or other relative instead.

We did this to teach them empathy which put them in another’s shoes and allowed them to experience another’s pain.

Sadly, today for many, empathy has been replaced with a concern for the number of viewers that can be attracted to one’s social media page by making hurtful comments.

Congratulations White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. You deserve the promotion and we love the job you’re doing!

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