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#DitchMitch Gains Momentum as President Trump, Others Fed Up with McConnell

Is the #DitchMitch campaign to oust McConnell gaining steam?

Over the weekend GOP Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told a rotary club in Kentucky that President Donald Trump had “excessive expectations” when it came to how quickly things could get done in the federal government.

As McConnell found out on Thursday, Trump wasn’t too happy about his statement.

Trump tweeted Thursday morning:

Later on in the day, Trump tweeted:

But Trump wasn’t the only one critical of the job McConnell was doing.

Ken Cuccinelli, President of Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF). Former Virginia Attorney General said on Thursday about McConnell:

“It isn’t unreasonable to expect Republicans to keep their promises and McConnell’s excuse is yet another example of why he should be replaced as the Republican leader. Tell Senate Republicans to replace him now!”

Cuccinelli said it’s McConnell not Trump that is to blame for raising expectations by promising that he would rip Obamacare out “root and branch.” He also promised secure funding for the border wall by the end of April and tax reform by August.

Cuccinelli continued:

“Yet it’s now the second week of August, none of these things have been done, and Mitch McConnell is making excuses and blaming others while the Senate is on a month long recess.” The problem isn’t that the president hasn’t been in his job very long, it’s that McConnell has been in his job for too long.”

Many on social media agree with Cuccinelli and are calling for McConnell to step down:

Ms. Maxwell tweeted: “You all have Made Promises for 7 YEARS. @SenateMajLdr YOUR LOW expectations are Alarming. DO YOUR JOB! 

Lou Dobbs from Lou Dobbs Tonight wrote: #DitchMitch-McConnell must got if he can’t handle America’s expectations”

Mark Levin tweeted: “McConnell’s disastrous reign” while YoungConservativeGal commented, “So thankful for your conservative voice levin! MITCH has go to go! @RepThomasMassie can take his place 2020! #DitchMitch2020”

And finally, #BuildTheWall said it best with a video of a slow moving turtle along with the words @SenateMajLdr working hard on #RepealObamaCare #DitchMitch2020.”


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