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ICE Scores Big in Nevada, Pennsylavania, West Virginia and Delaware, Arresting More than 300 Criminal Illegal Immigrants

The United States Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been busy arresting more than 60 criminal illegal immigrants throughout Nevada in a five-day operation along with 248 arrests that it made in three other states.

The operation was conducted by the ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), targeting those criminal illegal immigrants who “pose a safety threat” and individuals who have violated United States immigration laws. This would include those who “re-entered the country” after being deported and those “previously deported by federal immigration judges.”

Those who re-entered the U.S. will be facing felony charges, punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Those that aren’t criminally prosecuted will be deported. Others may be immediately removed from the country depending upon the offense.

Those arrested during the enforcement sweep included 55 with criminal histories, “including prior convictions for sex crimes, drug offenses, and domestic violence.”

Below is a breakdown of the existing prior criminal convictions of those arrested:


DUI 18 Vehicle Theft 1
Drug Offenses 8 False Imprisonment 1
Fraud / Identity Theft 7 Robbery 1
Domestic Violence 3 Property Damage 1
Sex Crimes 3 Arson 1
Larceny / Theft 3 Contempt of Court 1
Cruelty Toward / Neglect of Child 3 Traffic Offense / Other 1
Assault / Battery 2 Burglary 1

*Note: criminal aliens with multiple prior convictions are categorized based on their most serious conviction.

Those convicted of the crimes arrested last week were as follows:

 (54 men and seven women) included nationals from six countries – Mexico (45); Guatemala (6); El Salvador (3); Samoa (2); Armenia (1); Cuba (1); Honduras (1); Iran (1); and Italy (1)

While Reno accounted for the most arrests, Las Vegas came in second.

The chart below gives a complete breakdown of arrests:


Reno 25 Lovelock 2
Las Vegas 14 Truckee 2
Sparks 5 Battle Mountain 1
Stead 4 Portola 1
Elko 3 Sun Valley 1
Winnemucca 3

Statistical information for the arrests made in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware were as follows:

  • 120 had a conviction and/or pending charges or 48 percent (88 of those arrested had criminal convictions and 32 of those arrested have pending criminal charges)
  • In addition, 50 had been previously removed from the United States and subsequently illegally re-entered.
  • Six have been accepted for prosecution by United States Attorneys’ Offices for charges including re-entry after removal and document fraud
  • 18 were immigration fugitives with outstanding final orders of removal issued by a federal immigration judge
  • Arrests included:
    • The arrest of a 34-year-old male citizen of Guatemala, with criminal convictions for sexual abuse of a minor. The man has been removed from the United States on two prior occasions. The man has been detained without bond and has been referred to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for criminal prosecution. He’s currently in ICE custody at York County Prison.
    • The arrest of a 52-year-old male citizen of Lithuania, with three criminal convictions for driving under the influence. Philadelphia Police Department arrested him on his fourth Feb. 23, 2017. The man was released from Philadelphia Police custody on Feb. 23, 2017, when a detainer lodged with Philadelphia authorities was not honored. The subject is being detained without bond pending immigration proceedings. He’s currently in ICE custody at York County Prison.
    • The arrest of a 65-year-old male citizen of Vietnam, with criminal convictions of three counts of manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver marijuana, four counts of conspiracy, two counts of theft of services, and one count of intentional possession of a controlled substance by person not regulated. The arrest resulted in the seizure of over 1100 marijuana plants that were located in a vehicle and a residence owned by the subject. On May 13, 2016, Berks County Court of Common Pleas convicted him of felony charges, which include: one count of manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver marijuana, one count of conspiracy, and one count of theft of services. He is being held without bond pending removal proceedings. He’s currently in ICE custody at the San Antonio Field Office.
    • The arrest of a 22-year-old male citizen of Gambia, who was previously arrested by the Philadelphia police for aggravated assault. The subject allegedly assaulted his girlfriend and attempted to force her upper body into a hot oven during a domestic dispute. An ICE detainer lodged with Philadelphia authorities was not honored. Criminal charges are pending. He’s currently in ICE custody at York County Prison.

ICE indicates that it is not unusual during these operations to discover and arrest others who are in the country illegally.

After eight years of having their hands tied under the Obama administration, ICE once again feels free under President Donald Trump to do their jobs.


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