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NFL Could Learn a Lesson from Kids Who Walked Off the Football Field

Many NFL fans are fed up with the political statements being made on the football field by millionaires who have taken the joy out of the game for many. Recently, however, some young football players were caught “doing it right.”

A team of 10 and 11-year-old football players in Massachusetts who are obviously being taught to show respect to their country, especially to those who have fought and died for our freedoms, walked off the football field.

One by one, the players walked over to a World War II veteran who is the grandfather of one of the team members, and shook his hand.

Coaches found out that the veteran would be attending the game and thought it would be a great idea to honor him.

Listen up, NFL players! Maybe that’s something you should have thought of instead of disrespecting the flag, your country and the fans.

While many will disagree with me and argue the protest is about “police brutality against African-Americans,” “President Trump calling players SOBs,” that “SOB is now somehow synonymous with being a racist,” the President insulted my “mother because she was called a “b***h” when NFL players were referred to as “SOBs” or my dog ate my homework and I’m mad, what is clear is that we may never reach agreement on this issue.

Whatever the reason, the time and the place for political protests is not immediately before, during or after a football game. You are there on our dime and our time. Play football or accept the consequences for taking a knee.

On this subject, we may just have to agree to disagree!

But these young kids, got it right while the NFL failed miserably.

When the kids began shaking the veteran’s hand, the clearly patriotic crowd began cheering and applauding. I imagine there was also a tear or two that was shed in the crowd.

Maybe this act of respect should remind us that we put too much emphasis on millionaire athletes in the NFL and not enough emphasis on the important matters in life.

I would rather cheer and applaud any day of the week for a man or woman who sacrificed for me on the battlefield than cheer for spoiled rich sports players who thumb their noses at faithful fans on the football field.

I can just hear the NFL and liberals on the Left who support what the players are doing, by saying:

“But, but we love our fans. You have it all wrong. We love our country. That’s not what this is all about!”

Try and convince the 55 percent of voters in the latest Fox News poll that say kneeling during the national anthem is an inappropriate form of protest. Or try telling the 90 percent of Trump supporters who disapprove of your political stunt that what you’re doing is perfectly fine.

Tell that to the fans who are burning your season tickets, jerseys and anything else they can find related to your teams.

Seems the young sports players got it right when you didn’t, NFL.

Why don’t you take a knee and watch the kids’ video so you can get it right!



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