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Could Officials Be Ignoring the Fact That Las Vegas was a Known ‘Target’?

Every news conference in Las Vegas conducted by Sheriff Lombardo brings with it more questions.

The questions that everyone should be asking are, “Will you or are you investigating a possible link between the shooter and ISIS” and “Why are you seemingly overlooking past information which suggests ISIS was targeting Las Vegas?”

Despite the information that I’ve provided in two separate articles showing statements from ISIS that the shooter was connected with them and expert opinion about ISIS’s involvement, the news conferences that I have recently heard all fail to even mention ISIS.

In fact, Monday’s news conference, held by Lombardo who was out of uniform and in plainclothes for the first time, declared that there was “no evidence of a second shooter” when he had been adamant about there being no possible way the gunman could have carried out such a complicated feat without help. Some believed the “second shooter” could have been an ISIS terrorist.

Why do we need to continue to ask questions about an ISIS connection?

In May 2016, local ABC affiliates in Las Vegas ran a story titled, “ISIS sets sights on Vegas Strip properties as possible terror targets.”

The report didn’t get much national attention but was clear about its message.

The article stated:

“The video calls for lone wolf attacks, and several Las Vegas Strip properties were prominently displayed.

U.S. intelligence agencies discovered the new video on an ISIS website.

The message in the video is quite clear — ISIS wants supporters to carry out attacks in the West.

This is the second time ISIS has targeted Las Vegas in its recruitment videos.

The first time was in June of last year.

Four months later, lawmakers in Nevada passed what’s called the “more cops tax.”

The tax pays for more than 60 additional police officers to patrol the Las Vegas Strip.”

Were the warning signs ignored in May and are they being ignored now?

I recently interviewed retired Police Chief John Gaissert on my show, Stand For Truth Radio.

Although, Gaissert is not currently involved in the investigation of the Las Vegas shooting, he has an impressive background which allows him to intelligently discuss the issues surrounding the massacre and render opinions.

Gaissert was the Department of Homeland Security Intelligence Officer for the Sheriff of Jackson County and chaired the county Threat Assessment Committee.

Gaissert also completed a law enforcement exchange program in counter-terrorism with the Israeli National Police and trained at the University of Tel-Aviv. He studied under Dr. Boaz Ganor and was awarded executive certification in counter-terrorism from the Institute for Counter-Terrorism, Lauder School of Government, in Herzliya, Israel.

Additionally, he has testified before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Intelligence regarding information and intelligence sharing between local, state and federal agencies.

As I interviewed Gaissert, it became clear that he too was questioning why the FBI had so quickly dismissed any connection between the gunman and ISIS.

He also shed light on a number of questions that are still unanswered. You can listen to the entire interview below.

While there is an obvious need to keep some information from the public there is also a growing concern among many that the public is not being given vital data which could keep them safe because of political correctness.

Case in point, only recently, files were unsealed revealing an ISIS-inspired plot in May 2016 In New York City.

Concert venues as well as other locations were mentioned as possible targets.

“Three men, including an American and a Canadian, plotted ISIS-inspired terror attacks against New York City landmarks, concert venues and the city’s subway system last summer, according to federal prosecutors.”

The public was not informed about the intended terror attacks until after the Las Vegas shooting more than a year later.

Should this information have been shared sooner? Would it have made a difference? We will never know.


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