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Secret Service Agent on Vice President Pence’s Detail Charged with Solicitation of Prostitute

secret serviceA Secret Service agent on Vice President Pence’s detail after claims have been made that he met with a prostitute while off-duty in a Maryland hotel room. The agent was charged with solicitation then self-reported his arrest to the Secret Service.

Police were called when the hotel manager became “suspicious of activity” in one of the rooms. A source that spoke with CNN claims this was “not a sting.”

A spokesman for the Secret Service acknowledge “an alleged incident” had occurred and indicated that the matter is under investigation by the Office of Professional Responsibility to uncover the facts.

As a result of allegations, the agent’s security clearance and access to all Secret Service facilities has also been suspended.

The spokesperson indicated, “We are exploring the full range of disciplinary actions.”

You may recall that the Secret Service was rocked by a major sex scandal in Colombia in 2012 when 11 Secret Service agents and officers were accused of bringing prostitutes to a hotel in Cartagena.

There continue to be reports of misconduct among the Secret Service.

In March 2015 an agent allegedly drove a car into White House barricades after alcohol was consumed.

In 2014, reportedly three agents were sent home after a night of drinking in Amsterdam.

In 2013, an agent in Washington, D.C. allegedly tried to have hotel staff open the room of a female guest because one of his bullets had been left in the room.

Are these isolated incidents from a few rogue agents or is there a systemic issue within the Secret Service that has yet to be resolved?

Perhaps these behaviors represent societal ills concerning our morals that are really at the root of the problem.

Whatever the cause, it appears that it may be time for an independent investigation outside of the Secret Service so that steps may be taken to prevent future behavioral misconduct.




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2 Comments on Secret Service Agent on Vice President Pence’s Detail Charged with Solicitation of Prostitute

  1. This particular incident means nothing to me. Who is harmed and how does the effect his job in any way?

  2. Walter:

    Perhaps “loose lips” sink ships?


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