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‘Sexism’ Agenda Being Pushed by Liberal Women for Upcoming Elections

If you still doubt that the Left uses the same game plan and passes around talking points to each other to further their agenda then let me offer you proof. The latest agenda is all about ‘sexism,’ according to liberals.

Recently, Hillary Clinton discussed what she believed was the reason she lost the presidential election in 2016.

In an interview with none other than the liberal Vox website, Hillary blamed her loss on the men that women listened to after former FBI Director James Comey revealed right before the election that he was still investigating her.

“All of a sudden, the husband turns to the wife, ‘I told you, she’s going to be in jail. You don’t wanna waste your vote.’ The boyfriend turns to the girlfriend and says, ‘She’s going to get locked up, don’t you hear? She’s going to get locked up,’” Clinton told Voxs Ezra Klein on Tuesday. “Instead of saying, ‘I’m taking a chance, I’m going to vote,’ it didn’t work.”

In other words, men are “sexist” and encouraged the women in their lives not to vote for a female.

The next liberal to pick up the torch for the Left’s agenda and mirror what Hillary said was Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a woman that made it clear early on that she does not respect President Donald Trump when she called him a ‘faker‘ during the presidential campaign.

Ginsburg said when asked if ‘sexism’ played a role in Hillary’s loss in the 2016 election:

“I had no doubt that it did.”

She went on to say that while other things could have been a cause for the loss, ‘sexism was a major factor.’

Finally, enter former first lady Michelle Obama to drive home the message that ‘sexism’ not lack of character was the reason Hillary could not win the presidential race.

In a recent interview, Michelle let the audience know that women are ‘weak’ in so many words. Not that she meant for it to sound like that.

Michelle began by saying that sometimes men are “saying something but not saying a lot but are taking up a whole lot of space.” Of course, that’s not rude to say, right?

She went on to say:

“We’ve been socialized to sit there and be quiet and to sort of we think 12 times before we open our mouths. Well maybe I’m wrong. We argue in our heads and we think before I speak up it has to be perfect.”

She also said:

“Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice.”

“It doesn’t say as much about Hillary, and everybody’s trying to worry about what it means for Hillary and no, no, no, what does this mean for us, as women?” “That we look at those two candidates, as women, and many of us said, ‘He’s better for me. His voice is more true to me.’ To me that just says, you don’t like your voice. You like the thing you’re told to like.”

It’s a good thing that Michelle doesn’t speak for all women. I personally don’t know very many ‘weak’ conservative women who “don’t like” their own “voice.”

They also don’t ask their husbands who should get their vote.

One person on Twitter responded that Michelle’s comments were “sexist.”

There is a reason the Left is working this latest “sexism” agenda.

The elections of 2018 and 2020 are fast approaching. There are rumors that Democrats are looking to run California Sen. Kamala Harris and even Michelle Obama herself in the next presidential election.

If true, expect the “sexism” ploy to be their battle cry and all those on the Left will be given their marching orders to continue spreading the false narrative.

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  1. Karen Tolfree // 28 September, 2017 at 4:38 pm //

    Obama’s as dumb as her husband. We voted for the NON-CRIMINAL ELEMENT. And will continue to do so.

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