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(PODCAST) STAND FOR TRUTH RADIO with guest TIMOTHY FURNISH on Monday, March 13, 2017 at 6pmPT/9pmET

Join your host, Susan Knowles as I welcome back to the show, TIMOTHY FURNISH, PhD, U.S. Army Veteran and Islamic World Expert.

Timothy’s latest book is, “Sects, Lies, and the Caliphate: Ten Years of Observations on Islam.”

We will be talking about The Trump administration, ISIS, Iran, Israel, End of Times Beliefs, all things Middle East plus much more.

Timothy Furnish holds a PhD in Islamic, African and World history, professor at Reinhardt University in GA, former consultant to U.S. Special Operations Command, ex-Army Arabic interrogator, lecturer and writer.

His website is

Timothy’s areas of specialization are Islamic eschatology (end of time beliefs), Mahdism (Islamic messianism) and Islamic sects.

He has lectured in venues from the US Army War College to Concordia Seminary, Hebrew University (Jerusalem), the Islamic Centre of England and the Mahdism conference in Tehran, Iran.

He has appeared on Fox News Channel, NewsmaxTV, al-Jazeera, BBC radio, Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” and local radio in Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, St. Louis and Tampa.

With all that has been happening in the news in the Middle East, we can’t afford to take our eyes off of what is happening when it comes to the subjects that Timothy Furnish will be discussing.

You don’t want to miss this show. Come hear all the things that mainstream media aren’t talking about. It’s going to be a great show!

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