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(Video) NFL Players Continue to ‘Take a Knee,’ Villanueva Takes a ‘Stand’

On Sunday, NFL players better known as millionaire athletes in the one percent ‘club’ either linked arms with their owners or took a knee during the national anthem infuriating those ‘fans’ who once again watched politics played out on the football field.

What started with mediocre NFL player and former San Francisco 49er’s Colin Kaepernick taking a knee for social justice reasons has now ‘evolved’ into an entirely different agenda directed at President Donald Trump.

Black Lives Matter ‘activist’ Deray McKesson felt it necessary to remind the spoiled athletes, least they should forgot, the real reasons they were ‘taking a knee.”

McKesson tweeted: “It is important to remember that the issues of police violence & racism led @Kaepernick7 to #TakeAKnee. This is bigger than Trump or a flag.”

What McKesson failed to realize is that most of the players who took a knee in London and around the league on Sunday had a different justification for showing disrespect to those who died for this country. Their disregard of decorum was aimed at sending a message to Trump.

Trump said at a rally in Alabama on Friday that if he were an NFL owner and a player took a knee during the national anthem, he would “Get that son of a bitch off the field.”

Trump’s statement even triggered an ‘over the top’ interview with former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe on Sunday. His support of ‘taking a knee’ exemplifies the progressive agenda and their ‘one size fits all’ approach to spreading a liberal message.

Like Kaepernick, Kluwe is no stranger to ‘activism.’

In 2014, he claimed he was fired from the NFL for his gay-rights activism instead of the fact he “ranked 17th among punters in the 32-team league, averaging 39.7 net yards per punt” in his final season.

Speaking with CNN host Fredricka Whitfield on Sunday, Kluwe took aim and ‘punted’ his best attack against Trump:

Whitfield asked Kluwe: “This display of kneeling at the national anthem on a football field started a year ago with 49er’s Kaepernick and now has evolved into something else or perhaps has blossomed into the same thing but in a bigger way. Chris, what statement do you see NFL teams, owners, coaches making when they kneel, touch, lock arms on display like this?”

Sounding similar to Antifa rhetoric, Kluwe said:

“Well, I think that the players and the teams are saying that they are not going to be dictated to by a racist, fascist white supremacist who currently occupies the highest place in our government. When you look at what Donald Trump has said about speaking out against Nazis, I think it’s fantastic that players and owners are now taking a stand in using the platform to speak out against this because this is not what America is. America is not a fascist military state where its slavous (sic) devotion to the flag above all.

Being reminded by Whitfield about Kaepernick’s original anti-police officer and social justice message, Kluwe quickly added:

“Right now our nation is not holding up its end of the social contract, especially with communities of color. It should be a baseline right now that you can walk down the street and not get shot by a police officer for carrying a toy gun or for selling cigarettes out of the back of a car. It should not be out of the ordinary to expect that. So I’m glad to see these players and owners taking a stand.”

An ‘activist’ for the Right had a great tweet to explain Kaepernick’s actions and those continually shown by the NFL’s failure to stand for the national anthem.

Actor James Woods whose tweets are typically ‘priceless gems’ on social media had this to say about the knee flexing on game day:

“#Liberals have supported “taking a knee” from Colin Kaepernick back to Monica Lewinsky.”

Another tweeter offered a humorous look at the NFL’s behavior.

Jacob Wohl, CEO of Montgomery Assets wrote:

“The @NFL is ready for its new helmets! #BoycottNFL”

Wohl’s tweet showed a Time magazine cover with the new official NFL helmet which was a pink crocheted ‘kitty’ cap worn by those Women’s March earlier this year.

However, it’s important to note that not every NFL player showed disrespect.

All of the Pittsburgh Steelers players stayed in the locker room so they didn’t have to make the choice of standing or kneeing, according to their coach Mike Tomlin.

However, Afghanistan veteran, former Army Ranger and West Point graduate ALEJANDRO VILLANUEVA stood at the tunnel entrance while the song was played and placed his hand over his heart.

At the end of the day, those who support this country, the flag and those who fought and died for our freedoms, find nothing funny about the behavior of those in the NFL and their owners who continue to take a knee during our anthem regardless of what “reason dejour” is being given for their lack of respect!




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