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(VIDEO) Oops! Maxine Waters Just ‘Convicted’ President Trump Without Any Facts

Imagine a Congress member going on national television and making accusations about President Donald Trump while having no facts to back up the allegations. It’s not everyday when that’s done unless of course you’re talking about Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif..

Earlier this week, Waters appeared on MSNBC and spoke her “mind” about Trump.

The MSNBC host questioned Waters about her early Tuesday morning tweet concerning Trump which read:

The host continued, asking Waters to name Trump’s impeachable offenses.

The question lead to the rattling off generalized information.

Waters said “our intelligence agencies concluded that the Russians hacked into the DNC” and then went on to say she had to “change her phone number” because of it.

She then started posing questions of her own saying “Was there collusion? Did this campaign, did this President and his campaign or his allies collude with the Russians in doing the hacking and undermining our democracy?”

Next, she spoke about how much the Russians hated Hillary, that the Russians may have worked to support Trump to get him elected and that, “Tillerson, who’s never been in government and came from Exxon negotiated a billion dollar deal…” before admitting what she was saying could only at most “lead to an investigation.”

Wow! Great “facts,” Rep. Waters!

She had no facts, of course.  Nice try, though!

The host then went on to ask her if she should wait to ask for impeachment until an investigation was concluded. Waters, not surprisingly said, “Well, I have not called for impeachment.”


The video below, like her tweet, indicates that she will “fight everyday until he’s impeached.”

Just like a true left-wing progressive, Waters is using semantics to make the public believe that “fighting” for Trump’s impeachment is not the same as “calling” for his impeachment.

Saul Alinsky would be proud, Rep. Waters.

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  1. She is a bat crazy lying person. We should call for her impeachment. Turn about is fair play. We caught her in a lie.

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