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(VIDEO) Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois Refuses ICE Request, Gets Handcuffed Temporarily

In the past eight years, the American public has watched as some on the left have committed lawless acts in an attempt to get their way. Now, it appears that at least one member of congress tried to do the same.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) was briefly handcuffed by ICE when he refused to leave a federal immigration office in Chicago when asked three times. He and other “activists” had intended not to leave until their “demands” were met.

Essentially, Gutierrez wants immigration officials not to do their jobs. He is opposed to raids and wants a decision that was rendered a year ago, reversed. The decision involved the deportation a Mexican immigrant who was in the country illegally.

The case Gutierrez wants reversed is that of Francisco Lino who is married to a U.S. citizen. Four of her six children are U.S. citizens.

Gutierrez took to Twitter to bash President Donald Trump:

I guess @realDonaldTrump is OK to bully vulnerable children and families but afraid to arrest US citizens who stand up 4 justice #chiresist”

Gutierrez then proudly tweeted his refusal to leave a sit-in when asked and said this in reference to ICE:

“They were scared to arrest us because they know our cause is just. We ended our sit in but we will .”

Later on in the day, unwilling to give up his time in the limelight, Gutierrez once again took to Twitter:

“We ended our sit in but not our fight against ICE deportation policies targeting families.

There were no charges filed against him or the other activists.

In one final “bold” statement, Gutierrez commented:

“We accomplished our goal today, we stood up to the Department of Homeland Security and to Donald Trump’s hatred and bigotry…and we stood up and said ‘your policies are morally bankrupted.'”

Many will view Gutierrez’s actions on Monday as another new low for the Democratic Party.

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