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(Video) Do You Want to Help Our Veterans? Here’s How!

About 2 years ago, I discovered an awesome group of people, Veterans on Patrol, who have dedicated themselves to helping homeless veterans and spreading awareness for the 22+ Veterans who commit suicide each day.

I met the founder of the group, Lewis Arthur and watched the inception of his idea (although it was God’s idea that Lewis was open to listening too….thank God) to provide temporary housing for homeless veterans by utilizing military tents for them to live in.

Their efforts have since grown as the number of compassionate volunteers continue to come to the camp and work tirelessly to take care of the homeless.

I’ve watched as amazing things have happened because of VOP’s efforts. Homeless veterans have gotten off the streets and found refuge with their “brothers and sisters,” received medical attention, found permanent housing and the list goes on and on all because these wonderful volunteers responded to God’s call.

VOP accomplishes all they do without taking cash donations.

However, they do accept clothes, food, water, gift cards and gas cards that are typically used to transport homeless veterans in the camp to their VA appointments and other necessary appointments.

Recently, Ernesto Rodriguez who did a cross country walk to raise awareness of veteran suicides just so happened to run into this group (there are no coincidences with God) when he walked through Tucson, Arizona.

He has since teamed up with with Sacer and Savive to create T-Shirts and Hoodies “For the 22.”

Ernesto will be giving the proceeds (other than cash) from the sale of the T-Shirts and Hoodies to VOP.

Each T-Shirt and Hoodie is personally hand painted, as you will see in the video below.

I hope you will order a T-Shirt or Hoodie so that you can help spread awareness about the forgotten veterans who sadly take their own lives each day.

To order a T-Shirt or Hoodie click on the link to be taken to the special page where they are posted:

[To hear the video, you will need to click on the arrow then right click and select “UNMUTE”]

Thank you for supporting our veterans!!!!

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