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(Video) Weinstein, Affleck, Jimmy Kimmel and More ‘News’ from Hollywood

Hollywood’s holier than though days are swiftly being exposed and perhaps its past time that the truth came out.

On the heels of the Harvey Weinstein allegations in which multiple women have stepped forward to accuse him of sexual harassment and rape, there are more Hollywood “gems” that are being discovered.

On Wednesday, actor Ben Affleck, no doubt feeling the heat after actress Rose McGowan recently accused Affleck of knowing about Weinstein’s alleged mistreatment against her because she claims she told Affleck about it, decided to come out with an apology of his own.

Affleck tweeted:

What he failed to mention in the tweet is that Burton specifically accuses him of “grabbing her breasts” as seen in her response to a fan tweeting:

He also grabbed Hilarie Burton’s breasts on TRL once. Everone forgot though.” To which, Burton replied: “I didn’t forget.”

Now, a “comedy” routine filmed on the streets apparently a few years back shows Jimmy Kimmel inviting women to “feel around on the outside of his pants” so they can determine what he has stuffed inside.

At times, Kimmel can be heard telling the various women who took him up on his invitation:

“Maybe you should use two hands,” “You have done this before haven’t you,” “Maybe you should put your mouth on it” and “You’re going to make a fine wife.”

Later, a young woman approaches and he asks her if she is eighteen because “Uncle Jimmy doesn’t need to do time.”

While the situation with Kimmel is part of a comedy routine, voluntary and in a public place, did his “power” as a comedian cause these women to take part in a routine that sexually objectifies them when normally they would not have done so?

The Left accuses the Right of “war on women” but don’t think twice about involving them in feeling a man’s crotch while being filmed for the financial benefit of the host, the show and ultimately the network.

At the end of the video, Kimmel can be seen reaching inside of his pants and pulling out a cucumber with a rubber band on the tip.

Kimmel tells the woman who guessed that he was hiding a “vibrator” in his pants that “You can use it (the cucumber) as a vibrator if you want” while shaking it.

Hollywood is being exposed for what it really is!



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